Why Glam Gelz Nail Stickers?

Your nails should be extra-ordinary as you are, and that's what you get with our innovative gel nail stickers.

Relish in beautiful, chip-free nails for more than two weeks without the need for appointments, salon visits, or spending a lot of money.

Just apply the glam gelz, and then cure them under a UV lamp for 60 seconds – it's as easy as that!

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    I'm not usually one to frequent nail salons, typically saving it for special events. I decided to try these nail strips after a recent gel manicure looked awful after only a few days and this is it! Half of what I’d pay at the salon, looks better, lasts longer, and I get two uses from one package.I am SO thrilled.

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    Wow, I'm absolutely thrilled with my first experience using this brand and the results are fantastic. The variety of sizing options provided means I might even get a second manicure out of the same box – talk about value for money! I'm already looking forward to using this brand again soon.

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    I can’t believe how amazing these are! I have the thinnest nails that bend and break. I’ve done gel, dip, and acrylic manicures trying to get them to grow and it’s hopeless. This photo is from a week after I put them on and I’m not gentle with my nails. I can tell they’re already growing and are protected! 💞


What are semi-cured gel nail stickers?

Semi-cured gel nail stickers represent the cutting edge of nail technology.

They embody the quality of salon-grade gel nail polish but in the convenient form of stickers.

They are 60% cured, giving them flexibility, stretchiness, and making them exceptionally easy to apply.

All you need to do is peel the sticker, place it on your natural nails, and then cure the remaining 40% under a UV lamp for just 60-90 seconds.

You get to achieve salon-quality gel nails at the comfort of your home without the cost, damage, or long drying times of traditional gel polish.

Will they damage my natural nails?

Glamgelz™ are entirely safe, devoid of toxins, and HEMA-free.

Since glamgelz consist of a thin layer of gel polish, they can be easily removed without causing any damage. Simply apply nail polish remover or cuticle oil to loosen the adhesive, and then carefully peel off the stickers from your nails!

How long do Glam Gelz™ last?

When applied with proper nail preparation and technique, glamgelz™ can last for 2-3 weeks or even longer.

Ensure to avoid applying them on your skin or cuticles.

Can Glam Gelz™ nail stickers be used as extensions?

Glam Gelz™ nail stickers are designed to provide a thin layer of durable gel on natural nails and are not intended for use as extensions.

However if you wish to extend them, you can use a gel top coat and cure it under a UV lamp for added strength.

TIP: To ensure durability, maintain the extended length at no more than 2mm.

How many manicures can I get out of a pack?

A pack of glamgelz™ includes 20 glamgelz™ stickers, which on average makes for 1-2 manicures!

BIG TIP: if you have shorter nails, you can cut a sticker in half and stick it on two nails!

How do I remove the Glam Gelz Stickers?

Use the wooden cuticle stick to delicately remove glamgelz from your nails.

For easier removal, consider applying our Nourishing Cuticle Oil or nail polish remover to loosen the adhesive.

Start from one edge and gradually work your way across. After removal, cleanse your nails with an alcohol-soaked cotton pad to eliminate any residue and restore their natural shine.