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Springtime Confetti

Springtime Confetti

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Unleash Your Unique Nail Personality

Say hello to nails that mirror your unique personality effortlessly. Because you deserve nothing less than perfection, and your nails should be as extraordinary as you are.

What are Semi cured Gel Stickers?

Semi-cured gel nail stickers represent the cutting edge of nail technology. They embody the quality of salon-grade gel nail polish but in the convenient form of stickers.

They are 60% cured, giving them flexibility, stretchiness, and making them exceptionally easy to apply.

All you need to do is peel the sticker, place it on your natural nails, and then cure the remaining 40% under a UV lamp for just 60-90 seconds.

You get to achieve salon-quality gel nails at the comfort of your home without the cost, damage, or long drying times of traditional gel polish.

Why Glamgelz™?

✔️ Nail Strengthening :

Glamgelz offers an effective solution for brittle, thin nails. The durable gel layer acts as protection, preventing easy breakage and promoting healthier nail growth.

✔️ Damage-Free Nails:

Glamgelz are gentle on your nails and cause no damage. They can be easily removed without harsh chemicals by gently lifting them off with a wooden cuticle stick.

✔️ Salon Quality Nails at Home:

Enjoy the aesthetic appeal of professionally done nails without the cost and time associated with regular salon visits.

✔️ Quick Application:

Our Glamgelz™ offer a quick and effortless application to achieve a polished look without spending excessive time on manicure. The adhesive nature of the stickers simplifies application, providing a fuss-free experience.

✔️ Budget-Friendly Beauty:

It's a cost-effective solution for achieving salon-quality results without breaking the bank. You could potentially get two applications out of a nail pack by sticking any extra stickers to the sheet for another manicure session.

What's Included?

Each Glamgelz semi-cured Gel Nail Sticker Pack comes with: 

  • 1 x Set of Glamgelz Nail Sticker Strip (20 Pcs)
  • 1 x nail file
  • 1 x wooden cuticle stick

How to Apply


It's important to note!

  • Use immediately after opening.
  • Avoid using if your skin is irritated or damaged.
  • Keep the nail sticker in its original packaging after use.

Storage tip: To preserve the nails' flexibility, store them in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Wanda James
Stopped working

I received all of my order and waited until tonight to do my nails. I finished 4 fingers on my left hand before my hand light died. The glass fell out once I plugged up for recharging. Unable to complete nail install. Hand light unusable.

Natalie B
Not white at all

These were clear, not white at all. The picture makes it look like an opaque white but they were clear. I was hoping when they cured maybe they would get more opaque but they did not. Very disappointed.

Cotton Candy blush

Absolutely love these gel nail stickers for my self and all girlies out here. They're so easy to apply and the designs are stunning. My nails look like they were done at a salon

White Delight

Obsessed with these nail stickers! They're super versatile and perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. Plus, they're so long-lasting and durable

Marble rose

These stickers are a game-changer for anyone looking for a quick and easy manicure. The only reason I didn't give them a full 5 stars is that I found some designs to be a bit too thick for my liking